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Flower show rules and regulations

  1. Exhibitors must be members of the Society for at least one (1) month.
  2. Family members must compete separately.
  3. No commercial grower may compete. Ontario Horticultural Association District #1 ruling.
  4. Refer to Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards Publication revised 2012 (available from our treasurer). All entries must meet the requirements in this booklet.
  5. The Judge’s decision will be final. No exhibit will be awarded a ribbon unless it possesses merit, even though it may be the only exhibit in its class.
  6. Point system:    1st Place – 3 points    2nd Place – 2 points    3rd Place – 1 point

  7. All entries must be tagged with membership number PRIOR to arrival at the Community Centre.
  8. Exhibits to be in the Community Centre by 10:00 a.m. NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER 10:00 a.m. No entries to be removed prior to 4:00 p.m.
  9. Members will exhibit no more than one (1) entry in each section and no more than thirty entries total in classes one through six inclusive.
  10. Clean plants only – no contagious or infested entries (mealy bugs, spider mites, etc.) otherwise these entries will be disqualified. Remove anthers from all lilies and daylilies.
  11. All houseplants must be in the possession of the exhibitor for a minimum of three (3) months to be eligible for exhibiting. Each plant must be in a single container. Saucers allowed.
  12. It is forbidden to move or touch other exhibits. This includes the removal of slips and/or leaves.
  13. Exhibitor must grow all entries. Except Class 6 – Decorative Arrangements must be arranged by the exhibitor only. Purchased flowers allowed in Class 6 only.
  14. Photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor.
  15. High Point Trophy can only be won for two (2) consecutive years.
  16. Trophy winners are asked to return trophies/plaques in a respectable state.
  17. Prizes are in the form of ribbons and cash that the Society provides.
  18. 1st Place - $15.00    2nd Place - $10.00    3rd Place - $5.00

  19. Bernice Wilson Trophy – The winning plant of the previous year is not eligible for this trophy.

Prizes are awarded to the exhibitor(s) with the highest points in the CLASS – not the Section.
This is why we encourage exhibitors to enter as many sections as possible in a class.

Hints and suggestions: Dis-bud where necessary. Take extra flowers in a separate container to replace any damaged in transit. Please use jars or bottles for cut flower entries to avoid loss of good vases. A plain container shows cut flowers to best advantage.