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2014 Yearbook Report

The painting to grace our 2014 yearbook cover was painted by Vi Brunet.  Did you notice the little robin by the broom?  Vi was certainly thinking of spring and summer to come with her flowers and garden path that looked inviting enough to take a summer’s stroll.  This was the first year for a competition in poetry and Vi also won this, see page 11 “Morning From my Balcony” in our 2014 issue.

We lost some of our previous year’s business card advertisers but some new ones joined us so we were able to maintain our quota of 30 spots.  Thanks to all of you!  Jana Chenier, Mary Higginson, Shamira Kuipers, Donna Loretto and Rosemarie Wicki helped me with collecting all the ads.

Thank you to Diane Bourgault, Louise Freeman, Charles Freeman, Shamira Kuipers and Mary Higginson for proofreading the first draft.  Thank you Louise Freeman for spending your “Family Day afternoon” helping me with the final draft of the 2014 yearbook.  I had lots of help from Mary Higginson, Daniel Cloutier and Katrine Stewart for choosing the photos to appear in this issue.  It was fun looking back over the years choosing the special moments we had spent with Monika Vogel and all that she had contributed to our Society throughout her membership.

I would also like to thank Harold MacMillan and Dorli Wicki for their auditing skills.

Finally, my appreciation to Dorothy Hodge from The Review who has done a fabulous job the past several years putting our yearbook together with all my instructions and the placement of photographs for the one hundred twenty-five yearbooks containing twenty-four pages and forty photographs and eighty-eight bookmarks.

Many thanks to all of you who make the yearbook possible!

Respectfully Submitted, Joan King