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2014 OHA Convention Report

“A River Runs By It” was full of challenge, knowledge, amusement and discovery as promised in last year’s report!  Everyone who attended came away with smiles and a sense of having attended a very worthwhile and progressive convention.  Hugs to all that gave of their time and energy to showcase this forgotten corner of the province.  Many convention goers were heard to say that they had no idea how beautiful the countryside was in our area and how inviting and friendly the people that they met were during all events and venues.

The flower show and competition was worth the price of admission.  “Beauty Beyond Belief!”

The one-of-a-kind-vendor idea brought another new twist to the alley, allowing all tables to display for sale unique items.  Again this concept was very well received by vendors and buyers.

The bus tours highlighted the surrounding landscapes, from marsh to meadow; flooded shorelines to reconstructed villages; and of course gardens in glorious array.  The decision to add a flower bed
along Water Street to display each Society’s flower was brilliant and one which the city of Cornwall wishes to continue for years to come with the addition of the flower representations from Kemptville and Gloucester.  A new permanent sign, which will include all nine (9) Societies, will be commissioned in the months ahead.

The Friday Night Bistro was an affair to remember!  The whole evening flew by but was punctuated with lots of laughter, melodies and friendships – old and new!  Then, there was the Silent Auction and Raffle…WOW!!!  Everyone who helped must be applauded.  It worked after countless hours of planning and production.  On the tables were 263 bid items and 6 raffle objects, all decked out in wrappings and trappings to tempt the most savvy of bidders.  In the finish the seed money given by each Society was returned with an added amount above the initial outlay.  Do we know how to run such an affair!?!  Actually the success of the evening prompted so many questions and requests that the process has been added to the O.H.A. website as a template for future convention organizers!

Respectfully Submitted, Charles and Louise Freeman