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2013 Flower Show
and Tea Report

The Flower Show & Tea was held a month earlier this year. By doing this we had the opportunity to show off our Peonies, Irises and other early summer bloomers. At the same time we avoided the "July drought", that never happened this year. A very competitive member, Caroline Bissonette, passed away in June 2013 so the Flower Show was dedicated to her memory.

Total number of entries was up from last year: 21 members, 236 entries, 171 in the floral classes, 65 in the photography class. Nicole Cote from Cumberland judged the floral section and Marie Noel Schwank from Vankleek Hill judged the photography section.

Joyce Hollett participated to win. Two car loads full of plants were all it took to secure the High Point Trophy, the Norma Rose Bowl, the Margaret Zerter Trophy, and the Freda Armstrong Trophy.

Joyce also won the Bernice Wilson Trophy with a yellow tuberous begonia. Jana Chenier won the Gisbert Rosenstein Trophy with an extraordinary poppy. Monika Vogel took the Thelma Woosey Trophy home and Barbara Robertson the Silver Tray for Photography.

Claudia Deskin - first prize in Class 1 Irises
Patti Duffy – first prize in Class 2 Peonies
Monika Vogel – first prize in Class 3A Perennials
Jana Chenier – first prize in Class 3B Annuals
Joyce Hollett – first prize in Class 4 Roses
Joyce Hollett - first prize in Class 5 House Plants
Monika Vogel - first prize in Class 6 Decorative Arrangements
Barbara Robertson – first prize in Class 7 Photographs

It was a wonderful show. Alice Henderson, Mary Higginson, Charles Freeman, all other kitchen helpers, sandwich artists, bakers, hall decorators, the flower show committee and other volunteers did a fabulous job.

I figure that at least 40 members are involved every year to make our Flower Show and Tea a success. Thank you all!

Respectfully Submitted, Monika Vogel